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Portable Numeral Translator

15 August 2008

Here is the first GF application for the iPhone. It translates numerals from digits into number words in 15 languages. It works for numerals in the range 1-999,999. You can use the demo online in your iPhone's browser, or download and install it by using FileMagnet (from AppStore).

The demo should work in any web browser supporting JavaScript, but it has been specially dimensioned for the iPhone screen. It is an application of a general technology, namely the compilation of GF grammars to JavaScript. Thus you can easily build similar applications from your own grammars.

The full numeral translator, which works in 88 language and permits arbitrary cross translations, cannot yet be ported to the iPhone because of memory problems.

The current version has some encoding/font issues in Hebrew and Hindi.

Use the translator online

Download the translator. To install: unpack the file and move the directory numbers to your FileMagnet uploader.