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GF Version 3.1.6 Release Notes

23 April 2010


The binaries now work out of the box for each platform and support completions (file names and parsing), because readline has been changed to haskeline.

To compile from source, GHC 6.12 is now required. But GHC is not needed if the binary executables are used.

Binaries (.gfo and .pgf files) compiled with GF 3.1 are incompatible with 3.1.6 and must either be removed; alternatively, the -src flag can be used when compiling.

Notice the new place to send bug reports (see GF's welcome message)!

New features

Grammar language

Shell commands and options (see help in GF for more information)





Javascript generation is not updated to the new PGF format. GF 3.1 should still be used for building Javascript applications.