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Cat: the Category System

The category system is central to the library in the sense that the other modules (Adjective, Adverb, Noun, Verb etc) communicate through it. This means that a e.g. a function using NPs in Verb need not know how NPs are constructed in Noun: it is enough that both Verb and Noun use the same type NP, which is given here in Cat. Some categories are inherited from [``Common`` Common.html]. The reason they are defined there is that they have the same implementation in all languages in the resource (typically, just a string). These categories are AdA, AdN, AdV, Adv, Ant, CAdv, IAdv, PConj, Phr, Pol, SC, Tense, Text, Utt, Voc, Interj.

Moreover, the list categories ListAdv, ListAP, ListNP, ListS are defined on Conjunction and only used locally there.

  abstract Cat = Common ** {

Sentences and clauses

Constructed in [Sentence Sentence.html], and also in [Idiom Idiom.html].
      S ;     -- declarative sentence                e.g. "she lived here"
      QS ;    -- question                            e.g. "where did she live"
      RS ;    -- relative                            e.g. "in which she lived"
      Cl ;    -- declarative clause, with all tenses e.g. "she looks at this"
      ClSlash;-- clause missing NP (S/NP in GPSG)    e.g. "she looks at"
      SSlash ;-- sentence missing NP                 e.g. "she has looked at"
      Imp ;   -- imperative                          e.g. "look at this"

Questions and interrogatives

Constructed in [Question Question.html].
      QCl ;   -- question clause, with all tenses    e.g. "why does she walk"
      IP ;    -- interrogative pronoun               e.g. "who"
      IComp ; -- interrogative complement of copula  e.g. "where"
      IDet ;  -- interrogative determiner            e.g. "how many"
      IQuant; -- interrogative quantifier            e.g. "which"

Relative clauses and pronouns

Constructed in [Relative Relative.html].
      RCl ;   -- relative clause, with all tenses    e.g. "in which she lives"
      RP ;    -- relative pronoun                    e.g. "in which"

Verb phrases

Constructed in [Verb Verb.html].
      VP ;      -- verb phrase                       e.g. "is very warm"
      Comp ;    -- complement of copula, such as AP  e.g. "very warm"
      VPSlash ; -- verb phrase missing complement    e.g. "give to John"

Adjectival phrases

Constructed in [Adjective Adjective.html].
      AP ;    -- adjectival phrase                   e.g. "very warm"

Nouns and noun phrases

Constructed in [Noun Noun.html]. Many atomic noun phrases e.g. everybody are constructed in [Structural Structural.html]. The determiner structure is ``` Predet (QuantSg | QuantPl Num) Ord as defined in [Noun Noun.html].
      CN ;     -- common noun (without determiner)    e.g. "red house"
      NP ;     -- noun phrase (subject or object)     e.g. "the red house"
      Pron ;   -- personal pronoun                    e.g. "she"
      Det ;    -- determiner phrase                   e.g. "those seven"
      Predet ; -- predeterminer (prefixed Quant)      e.g. "all"
      Quant ;  -- quantifier ('nucleus' of Det)       e.g. "this/these"
      Num ;    -- number determining element          e.g. "seven"
      Card ;   -- cardinal number                     e.g. "seven"
      Ord ;    -- ordinal number (used in Det)        e.g. "seventh"


Constructed in [Numeral Numeral.html].
      Numeral ; -- cardinal or ordinal in words       e.g. "five/fifth"
      Digits ;  -- cardinal or ordinal in digits      e.g. "1,000/1,000th"

Structural words

Constructed in [Structural Structural.html].
      Conj ;  -- conjunction                         e.g. "and"
-b DConj ; -- distributed conjunction e.g. both - and
      Subj ;  -- subjunction                         e.g. "if"
      Prep ;  -- preposition, or just case           e.g. "in"

Words of open classes

These are constructed in [Lexicon Lexicon.html] and in additional lexicon modules.
      V ;     -- one-place verb                      e.g. "sleep" 
      V2 ;    -- two-place verb                      e.g. "love"
      V3 ;    -- three-place verb                    e.g. "show"
      VV ;    -- verb-phrase-complement verb         e.g. "want"
      VS ;    -- sentence-complement verb            e.g. "claim"
      VQ ;    -- question-complement verb            e.g. "wonder"
      VA ;    -- adjective-complement verb           e.g. "look"
      V2V ;   -- verb with NP and V complement       e.g. "cause"
      V2S ;   -- verb with NP and S complement       e.g. "tell"
      V2Q ;   -- verb with NP and Q complement       e.g. "ask"
      V2A ;   -- verb with NP and AP complement      e.g. "paint"
      A ;     -- one-place adjective                 e.g. "warm"
      A2 ;    -- two-place adjective                 e.g. "divisible"
      N ;     -- common noun                         e.g. "house"
      N2 ;    -- relational noun                     e.g. "son"
      N3 ;    -- three-place relational noun         e.g. "connection"
      PN ;    -- proper name                         e.g. "Paris"
DEPRECATED: QuantSg, QuantPl - QuantSg ;-- quantifier ('nucleus' of sing. Det) e.g. every - QuantPl ;-- quantifier ('nucleus' of plur. Det) e.g. many