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Common: Structures with Common Implementations.

This module defines the categories that uniformly have the linearization {s : Str} in all languages.
  abstract Common = {

Top-level units

Constructed in [``Text`` Text.html]: Text.
      Text ;  -- text consisting of several phrases  e.g. "He is here. Why?"
Constructed in [``Phrase`` Phrase.html]:
      Phr ;    -- phrase in a text                   e.g. "but be quiet please"
      Utt ;    -- sentence, question, word...        e.g. "be quiet"
      Voc ;    -- vocative or "please"               e.g. "my darling"
      PConj ;  -- phrase-beginning conjunction       e.g. "therefore"
      Interj ; -- interjection                       e.g. "alas"
Constructed in [``Sentence`` Sentence.html]:
      SC ;    -- embedded sentence or question       e.g. "that it rains"


Constructed in [``Adverb`` Adverb.html]. Many adverbs are constructed in [``Structural`` Structural.html].
      Adv ;   -- verb-phrase-modifying adverb        e.g. "in the house"
      AdV ;   -- adverb directly attached to verb    e.g. "always"
      AdA ;   -- adjective-modifying adverb          e.g. "very"
      AdN ;   -- numeral-modifying adverb            e.g. "more than"
      IAdv ;  -- interrogative adverb                e.g. "why"
      CAdv ;  -- comparative adverb                  e.g. "more"

Tense, polarity, and anteriority

      Temp ;  -- temporal and aspectual features     e.g. past anterior
      Tense ; -- tense                               e.g. present, past, future
      Pol ;   -- polarity                            e.g. positive, negative
      Ant ;   -- anteriority                         e.g. simultaneous, anterior