Plain text version of GF.hs

-- | GF, the Grammatical Framework, as a library
module GF(
           -- * Command line interface
           module GF.Main,
           module GF.Interactive,
           module GF.Compiler,

           -- * Compiling GF grammars
           module GF.Compile,
           module GF.CompileInParallel,
--         module PF.Compile.Export, -- haddock does the wrong thing with this
           module GF.CompileOne,

           -- * Abstract syntax, parsing, pretty printing and serialisation
           module GF.Compile.GetGrammar,
           module GF.Grammar.Grammar,
           module GF.Grammar.Macros,
           module GF.Grammar.Printer,
           module GF.Infra.Ident,
           -- ** Binary serialisation
           module GF.Grammar.Binary,
           -- * Canonical GF
           module GF.Compile.GrammarToCanonical
  ) where
import GF.Main
import GF.Compiler
import GF.Interactive

import GF.Compile
import GF.CompileInParallel
import GF.CompileOne
import GF.Compile.Export(exportPGF)

import GF.Compile.GetGrammar
import GF.Grammar.Grammar
import GF.Grammar.Macros
import GF.Grammar.Printer
import GF.Infra.Ident
import GF.Grammar.Binary

import GF.Compile.GrammarToCanonical