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<title>Question answering demo</title>
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<h1>Question answering demo</h1>

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<h2>About this demo</h2>

Press space for word completion.
Press <kbd>Enter</kbd> after entering a number.
This demo was created by combining three parts:
  <li><p>A GF grammar for math queries.
    (Abstract syntax:
  <a href="../Ex3/"></a> and
  <a href="../Ex3/"></a>,
  concrete syntax for English:
  <a href="../Ex3/"></a> and
  <a href="../Ex3/"></a>.)
  The grammar covers a small set of properties of numbers
  (smaller than, greater than, even, odd, prime, divisibility),
  conjunction, disjunction, negation, and quantification (all, any).
  You can ask if a property holds, for which numbers a property holds or
  for how many numbers a property holds. Examples:
    <li>which numbers smaller than 100 are prime
    <li>how many prime numbers are even
    <li>is 607 prime
  <li><p>A Haskell program (<a href="../Ex3/Answer.hs">Answer.hs</a>
  and generated by GF: <a href="../Ex3/MathQuery.hs">MathQuery.hs</a>)
  that interprets the queries and computes answers.
  To ensure termination, only a finite subset of the natural numbers
  is considered (currently [0..1000]). This also means that some questions
  have surprising answers (e.g. which numbers are greater than all prime
  <li><p>JavaScript components from <a href="">the Minibar</a> for guided input of queries.
  The parts are combined and initialized in
  <a href="../../js2html.cgi/Tutorial2012/Ex4/answer.js">answer.js</a>.

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