Grammatical Framework
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Latest developer code

GF darcs repository

Latest release

GF 3.1, 15 December 2009

Installation instructions

Old releases

GF 3.0, 24 June 2009.

Installation instructions

Mac binary: gunzip and put somewhere on your path.

Linux: tar xvfz in /

Windows: unzip in c:\

Compiled library: tar xvfz in some DIR and point the variable GF_LIB_PATH to DIR/lib.

Source package: tar xvfz somewhere and compile as follows:

    tar xvfz gf-3.0.tgz
    cd gf-3.0

    # alternative 1:
    runghc Setup configure
    runghc Setup build
    runghc Setup install

    # alternative 2:
    make install
GF 3.0 beta3, April 2009. 3.0 beta2