A Trip to Jotunheimen

Photos by Aarne Ranta and Kristofer Johannisson.

September 2-5, 2004.

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Picture 1: Heading for Memurubu on Lake Gjende (980m)

Picture 2: Camp under Vestre Memurubreen (1560m)

Picture 3: View to the south side of Gjende

Picture 4: Vestre Memurubreen from the slopes to Surtningssua

Picture 5: Vestre Memurubreen with the ridge of Vestre Memurutindan

Picture 6: New snow and covering clouds at 2200m

Picture 7: The ridge of Surtningssua at 2300m

Picture 8: The ridge of Vestre Memurutindan at 2200m

Picture 9: Wade over Muru

Picture 10: Sunrise over the campsite

Picture 11: Muru delta

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