Cross-Lingual Syntax:
Relating Grammatical Framework with Universal Dependencies

by Aarne Ranta, Prasanth Kolachina and Thomas Hallgren. A system demo presented at NoDaLiDa 2017.


GF (Grammatical Framework) and UD (Universal Dependencies) are two different approaches using shared syntactic descriptions for multiple languages. GF is a categorial grammar approach using abstract syntax trees and hand-written grammars, which define both generation and parsing. UD is a dependency approach driven by annotated treebanks and statistical parsers. In closer study, the grammatical descriptions in these two approaches have turned out to be very similar, so that it is possible to map between them, to the benefit of both. The demo presents a recent addition to the GF web demo, which enables the construction and visualization of UD trees in 32 languages. The demo exploits another new functionality, also usable as a command-line tool, which converts dependency trees in the CoNLL format to high-resolution LaTeX and SVG graphics.

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Thomas Hallgren