Plain source file: src/server/transfer/Fold.hs (2013-09-18)

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module Fold where
import PGF
import Data.Map as M (lookup, fromList)

--import Debug.Trace

foldable = fromList [(mkCId c, mkCId ("bin_" ++ c)) | c <- ops]
  where ops = words "plus times and or xor cartesian_product intersect union"

fold :: Tree -> Tree
fold t =
  case unApp t of
    Just (i,[x])  ->
        case M.lookup i foldable of
	        Just j -> appFold j x
	        _      -> mkApp i [fold x]
    Just (i,xs)   -> mkApp i $ map fold xs
    _             -> t

appFold :: CId -> Tree -> Tree
appFold j t = 
  case unApp t of
    Just (i,[t,ts]) | isPre i "Cons"  -> mkApp j [fold t, appFold j ts]
    Just (i,[t,s])  | isPre i "Base"  -> mkApp j [fold t, fold s]
  where isPre i s = take 4 (show i) == s


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