Grammatical Framework Demos

Wide coverage translation with GF

The GF Offline Translation App: a mobile speech and text translation app for Android and iOS.

Tourist Phrasebook

Phrasomatic (conceptual authoring based on Phrasebook)

Multilingual Headlines

MOLTO Application Grammars


GF online editor for simple multilingual grammars

Online syllogism solver

Translation Quiz


Question answering demo for simple math questions.

Tramdemo on YouTube: find your way in Gothenburg public transport system, in six languages (film).

Multilingual Wiki.

Numeral translator for the iPhone: number words in 15 languages.

Numeral translator: number words in 88 languages. (Java applet)

Letter editor: compose a letter in a language you don't know. (Java applet)

Pizza: order a pizza by speaking to your web browser.

WebALT Math Editor: create mathematical exercises in six languages simultaneously (film).

Library API browser-editor: construct phrases in the GF resource library