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Version 3.1.6, 23 April 2010

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GF 3.1.6 released 23 April 2010.

What's new? See the release notes.

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Installation instructions

The Windows package is installed by just unpacking it anywhere. It finds the libraries relative to the .exe file.

To install a binary package for MacOS X or Linux: uncompress the executable and put it somewhere on your path, renaming it to just gf. For instance:

    gunzip gf-bin-[version].gz
    sudo mv gf-bin-[version] /usr/local/bin/gf

To install the libraries (if done separately), unpack them in the place to which your GF_LIB_PATH points.

    cd $GF_LIB_PATH
    gtar xvfz gf-lib-[VERSION].tgz

If this variable hasn't been defined, it is useful define it, e.g.

    export GF_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/lib/gf/

To compile and install from source on Mac or Linux, do:

    tar xvfz gf-[VERSION].tgz
    cd GF/src
    runghc Setup configure --user
    runghc Setup build
    runghc Setup install

The last command must be prefixed by sudo, if the installation is outside user-writeable area.