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Extra syntax modules

These modules give language-specific extra constructs not available via the common API.

common repository Romance (Cat, Fre, Ita, Spa) Scandinavian (Dan, Nor, Swe)

Afrikaans Bulgarian Catalan Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Italian Norwegian Persian Polish Punjabi Romanian Russian Spanish Swedish

Irregular verbs and other words

These modules give lists of irregular words, mostly verbs. Their completeness varies.

Catalan Danish Dutch English French German Norwegian Spanish Swedish Turkish

Large-scale dictionaries

These morphological dictionaries are extracted from open source lexica by using the resource grammar paradigms. The figures give the approximate number of lemmas.

Bulgarian 53k English 43k Finnish 42k French 92k Swedish 43k Turkish 24k

Abstract Syntax Modules

These modules are for internal use of resource grammarians, but the comments give some more linguistic explanation of the different constructs.

module contents
Adjective constructors for A, AP
Adverb constructors for Adv, AdV
Cat lincats of all categories
Common default lincats for string categories
Conjunction coordination rules
Extra constructs available in some languages only
Grammar everything except content lexicon
Idiom idiomatic constructions
Lang everything (Grammar and Lexicon)
Lexicon content word lexicon
Noun constructors for NP, CN, Det
Numeral constructors for Numeral and Digits
Phrase constructors for Phr, Utt
Question constructors for QS, QCl, IP
Relative constructors for RS, RCl, RP
Sentence constructors for S, Cl, SC
Structural structural word lexicon
Symbol mixtures of verbal and symbolic expressions
Tense common API tense system
Text constructors for Tex
Verb constructors for VP, VPSlash, Comp

The Module Dependency Tree